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Master Vlog: “Psiconautas”

Madhog took both his guerrilla-style vlog reviews of the Spanish animated film “Psiconautas” and edited them together with the addition of new clips and backgrounds. Since they were originally filmed with a phone, the audio quality is not the greatest.

Links for the original videos:

Master Vlog: Inflation of the Dead (with Capn’ Midnight)

Madhog is joined by Brian Apodaca, co-creator and writer of “Zombie Outlaw”, to discuss about his comic and the ever present, obnoxious media inflation of the undead populace.

Watch Madhog’s review of issues #1 and #2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_M6NKXkoeto&index=8&list=PL60nreUcSsmQ11rVTQ-DYWYvw49eTWWVQ