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MAD Wrestling Reviews: “The Great American Bash” (2006)

Loyal Subject JBL and MAGGLE the Socialist welcome you to a “memorable” show full of action, enzymes, doomed gimmicks, enzymes, literal skull bashing, royal proclamations and… ENZYMES! Can The Undertaker (and the audience) survive the first ever Punjabi Prison Match? Can Rey Mysterio defend the World Championship in the tastelessly exploited name of Eddie Guerrero? Will most of tonight’s bouts be changed for seemingly inane reasons? Tune in to find out!

MAD Wrestling Podcast #3: “Re-Booking Mysterio” (Pt. 1)

Madhog takes it upon himself to retroactively rewrite the entire Rey Mysterio’s 2006 world heavyweight title run in painstaking detail and pedantic pragmatism. Devar listens on in awe and admiration.

A/N: this podcast was supposed to feature a lengthy attempt at fantasy booking by Devar but it was cut out entirely as requested by Devar himself.

MAD Wrestling Podcast # 1: “The Rad Moan Hour”

FINALLY, Madhog and Devar HAVE COME BACK with a wrestling podcast! This inaugural episode features an in-depth look at WCPW, the Aaron Stevens hype-train, Prince Ameen’s baffling gimmick and Noam Dar’s ongoing feud with a microphone. Also in review: the Will Ospreay Vs. Noam Dar Vs. El Ligero match and CWC’s Kota Ibushi Vs. Cedric Alexander.