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The Heretic Podcast, Part 13: “From Russia with Death”

Madhog and Devar have an in-depth discussion about the popular Russian cartoon “Nu, Pogodi” and the jaw-dropping tradition of the so-called “Soviet Slapstick.” Other topics include: “Pokémon Sun and Moon”, the Cold War, “The Matrix” and Otaku Culture, Nintendo’s furry agenda, selling sex to children, the historical misuse of Godlike characters in JRPG’s and more directionless “Pokémon” rants for your enjoyment.

Team Yume Mini-Cast: “Pokémon Vs. Reality”

Madhog ponders about the philosophical dilemmas brought upon by the release of “Pokémon Go”, such as the issue of Subjectivism, the illusion of Reality and the role mass media play in people’s perception of said Reality. Meanwhile, Ross just rambles about “Pokémon” in general. Then they both somehow end up complaining about the new “Berserk” anime.