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Team Yume Podcast: “The Legend of the Italian Disney”

Devar lends his dumbfounded ear as Madhog explains how “The Legend of the Titanic” is inexplicably connected with the distribution of Japanese animations in Italy – don’t worry, it will all make sense in context.

This episode discusses: “Simba the King Lion”, Orlando Corradi and Mondo TV, the 1978’s Italian Anime Boom, “Secret of Mana”, the basic appeal and gameplay philosophy of the “Animal Crossing” franchise, “The Good Place”, “Erma” and so much more.

Get the MP3 file here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/15763313

Team Yume Mini-Cast: “Pokémon Vs. Reality”

Madhog ponders about the philosophical dilemmas brought upon by the release of “Pokémon Go”, such as the issue of Subjectivism, the illusion of Reality and the role mass media play in people’s perception of said Reality. Meanwhile, Ross just rambles about “Pokémon” in general. Then they both somehow end up complaining about the new “Berserk” anime.