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The Heretic Podcast #14: “The Calm Between The Storms”

Madhog joins Devar in a week-long vacation in England to work on several secret projects. This session was recorded amidst said projects and provides a few hints on some of the future contents for the channel. The boys casually chat about the new “Ducktales” reboot, Hungarian animation mascots, “Fawlty Towers” and the suchlike.

The Heretic Podcast, Part 13: “From Russia with Death”

Madhog and Devar have an in-depth discussion about the popular Russian cartoon “Nu, Pogodi” and the jaw-dropping tradition of the so-called “Soviet Slapstick.” Other topics include: “Pokémon Sun and Moon”, the Cold War, “The Matrix” and Otaku Culture, Nintendo’s furry agenda, selling sex to children, the historical misuse of Godlike characters in JRPG’s and more directionless “Pokémon” rants for your enjoyment.

MADPlay “Heretic”, Part 12: “My Doom is Amazing!”

In this latest installment: Devar makes his triumphant return from Poland as he and a half-frozen to death Madhog ramble about recently departed celebrities, Mr. Weebl’s Internet legacy, “Star Wars: The Force Goes to Sleep”, infuriating misconceptions about criticism, “Tom and Jerry”, Soviet Russian cartoons and the WhyBoy debacle (not really a debacle).

MADPlay “Heretic”, Part 11: “Daylight Sodomy Time”

In this latest installment, Madhog and Devar discuss at length about weirdly misplaced holiday specials, the current momentum of Western animation, the stagnation of the anime industry, Channel Frederator, consumerism, Daylight Saving Time, the legacy of Monty Oum and why “Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection of F” was utter garbage (leave your comments below).