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Team Yume’s Dramatis Lectio: “Blaze” (An Interlude)

It’s a BLAZING HORROR of DESPAIR (and really bad poetry) as your boys, Madhog and Devar, reprise that lurid literary leprosy known as the “Tails” Saga! This time, the True Writer of the story will take you back in time to recount the BURNING origins of a certain feline princess, in a tale of Love, Death and really bad decisions… Enjoy!

Team Yume’s Dramatis Lectio: “Tails” (Ch. 1)

It’s time for Madhog (along with a selected group of guests/victims) to tackle his old masterpiece: an epic re-imagining of the entire “Sonic the Hedgehog” multiverse filled to the brim with awful exposition dumps, heavy-handed themes, awkward romances and jaw-dropping characterizations!
This is “The Tails Saga” and it will make you cry FOR FEAR!

Also starring:
Devar Arcvarron (@DevarArcvarron)
Ross Faries (@ParadiseFaries)
HedonisticActor (http://www.manic-expression.com/category/h/hedonisticactor/)
WhyBoy (http://www.cartooncornerproductions.com)