“Jotun” Gameplay (No Commentary)

“Jotun” is a hand-drawn, frame-by-frame animated Action/Exploration title developed by indie studio Thunder Lotus Games. It’s a simple, straightforward narrative pitting a Viking woman against the titular giants in order to impress the Gods and earn her access to Valhalla. This is a visually impressive love letter to Norse Mythology that, stylistically, seems to be paying homage to both Eastern European and mainstream Western animation – in that regard, the bosses feel like they came out of a Don Bluth’s fever dream. The aesthetics and the scope of it all are indeed its strongest points; the same cannot be said about the gameplay system, which is downright unwieldy at times (especially since the game refused to read Madhog’s controller). Nevertheless, if you are a fan of traditional animation as well as of Norse Mythology, this title definitely deserves your attention. You can buy it on Steam.