ConBravo 2016 Wrap Up


Update 7/21/16

Going to ConBravo in Ontario, Canada once again.



Channel Update: Faries is going to Animenext and Toomanygames!!


Along with other announcements and things!


An Unfortunate Announcement


-News Archive-

E3 2015 Wrap up





Update: 10/19/15


Finally an update…


Update 7/15/15


First update in a long while. Mixed news though…

Update 3/11/15

It’s a turbulent month here at Paradiseandfaries.



Update 2/9/15


Our monthly update. Not the most positive one either.



Faries vs the World: Round 2

An extremely professional announcement of the next round of Faries vs the World.


Vlog 1/6/15

Here’s our January update!


NEW SHOW!!!! Faries vs the World Announcement!!!

Kick my ass at video games!!


Vlog 12/2/14


The standard monthly update



ParadiseandFaries Vlog 11/3/14




The Holidays, Patreon update. and what’s coming down the line video wise this month. You don’t want to miss this one.



Update 10/7/2014

See what’s happening and what’s coming up at Paradiseandfaries.



Update 8/10/2014

Mixed news this time



Update 7/28/14


Here’s what’s new and what’s coming.
 Beta Launch!


That’s right, is online! Get the skinny in this vid.


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