Fanservice Fiesta: Ranma 1/2


Is the classic story of genderswapping and crazy martial arts an anime worth your time today, or has Ranma’s age gotten the better of him/her?

2 thoughts on “Fanservice Fiesta: Ranma 1/2”

  1. Ranma is pretty much my favorite anime. I have the entire thing (7 seasons, 13 ovas, and 2 movies). I like comedy shows. Never thought of it as smut. You have to remember other cultures (and pre-Christian Europe), didn’t consider nudity to be a big deal or overtly sexual. Neither did I when watching it. Ranma’s nudity is more of a funny shock to the other characters, etc. Episodes that didn’t have toplessness, I actually have showed to kids because it’s actually kind-of a kiddish show. No adult themes really. People barely kiss in this show.

    Seasons 1 and 2 are actually the weakest seasons (trying to stay true to the manga directly). This makes the show progress slowly. Also there are so many character to introduce. The show is it’s best in S3-5/6ish. When the show used up the manga material, they went off on their own unique plot lines with a “crazy character comes to town”, monster of the week type thing. The manga was different. It got into more magical type stuff with more of a love story angle. One of the funniest episodes is S3 “Am I… Pretty? Ranma’s Declaration of Womanhood” , when Ranma gets bonked on the head and likes being a girl and wants to give up his male side.

    I had the first 10-12 volumes of Urusei Yatsura and I would say not the bother unless you’re a native Japanese speaker. They included “liner notes” to explain all the references, puns/jokes (pun heavy), which make no sense to Americans. It was like reading an essay to explain each episode! I wouldn’t bother with anything outside of the dubbed movies unfortunately.

  2. Are you seriously calling “fanservice” such as boobies “smut”? In other words you are saying that a girl can’t be naked without it being smut? Wow.

    As for being racist, and being true to the source material? The Chinese guide is trying to speak Japanese… Have you ever listened to Chinese trying to speak Japanese? You know how Japanese suck at English? Now imagine China where they don’t even teach Japanese in schools. The guides Japanese was actually pretty damn amazing considering he has no real reason to learning Japanese since most of his customers are likely to be Chinese.
    And Shampoo is even more amazing. She is always seen as a dumb bimbo, and while it is true that she seems to have a bit of a one track mind — she learned Japanese almost flawlessly within less than a month. I wouldn’t say that is racist, rather is shows us that Shampoo was pretty damn intelligent.
    As for Shampoo saying her name instead of “I” and saying a charterers name instead of “you” or “he/she”, that IS the dub. There was no such thing in the Japanese original.

    As for Ranma and Akane’s relationship? First of all; Akane IS pretty much always acting like an asshole, Ranma on the other hand isn’t most of the time. It is true that he teases her a bit, but most of the time this is in retaliation to her insane logic. Take for instance her cooking. Akane can’t cook and she doesn’t even want to taste her food before serving it. She knows she sucks at cooking yet she wants to force feed Ranma, When he declines she calls him names and hit him. Akane isn’t really a tsundere though… she is a piece of shit and she doesn’t even like him from the start… at first she actually really DO think badly of him… and when she does start to have feelings for him it is her shyness and “I hate all men” persona that shine through. Ranma though IS a tsundere.

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