Amateur Hour Review Space Dandy


Let’s talk about Studio Bones for a little bit, shall we? They’re the studio that brought us animes such as Full Metal Alchemist, Ouran Highschool Host Club, Soul Eater, Wolf’s Rain, etc. You could say that they’ve had a pretty sleek track record when it comes to producing anime. Once 2014 hit, they released three new faces to the anime community. One, known as Noragami, was a supernatural, action-filled wonder that seemed ignored by the anime community, but was a real hidden gem of the 2014 anime season. Another was known as Soul Eater Not, a prequel to Soul Eater, which left audiences feeling underwhelmed by the contrast between itself and Soul Eater and the gross amount of moe.
The other anime they released, was Space Dandy.
This anime overshadowed all in it’s path during it’s runtime. The amount of press that the anime received was mostly from the fact that the English version aired at the same time as the Japanese version, with a dub on Toonami. However, most viewers were left utterly confused by the sheer nature of the anime.
The anime revolves around the protagonist known as Space Dandy. His personality boils down to a horny, sixteen year old boy who recently watched six hour marathons of Cowboy Bebop and Johnny Bravo. His two crew mates are QT, a robot who could be described as R2D2 with OCD, and Meow, a cat-like alien who spends his time doing what most of the teenage generation does: Tweeting on his phone. The anime follows their dimwitted exploits as he hunts aliens in order to catalog them, but most of all, it details the epic magnificent, adventures of finding BOOBIES!


You can obviously see where the majority of the comedy in this show comes from. Most animes directed towards American audiences seem to have the same style of comedy: Tits and dicks. Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt for example has that over-the-top, balls-to-the-walls kind of humor. Penis jokes ahoy, everyone! While Space Dandy doesn’t follow in Panty and Stocking’s comedic footsteps completely, there are several breast jokes made in the anime.
And guess what? They’re funny.
Like Panty and Stocking, the execution of the jokes are on point. Even though they are sexual jokes, they’re rather funny. Even the jokes that aren’t referencing fleshy sacks of fat are funny. The dubbed version of the anime, again, like Panty and Stocking, has very casual and humorous dialogue. The dub improved upon the original jokes. I would defiantly recommend that you watch the dubbed version.
The animation for the anime itself is outstanding. The amount of vibrant colors and designs used for this futuristic-space environment blew me away. Even the boob physics seem to be well animated. Boob physics get you extra points here.
The plot of Space Dandy is very erratic. Some episodes hold continuity and some would rather tell their own seperate story. I wouldn’t consider them filler episodes, since the plot is scattered and you never really know which one will build onto another. Most of the episodes are very fast-paced as well.

There’s also stories that seemed to end very abruptly, and wish that they had gotten a follow-up. For example, there is an episode where Dandy comes across a young girl whom he’s tracking down to turn in. However, he develops a comedic, yet heart warming relationship with her. This plot line is reminiscent of the movie ‘Paper Moon’. The girl herself is a very funny and interesting character. You really wanted to see more of her. Actually, there’s a ton of one-episode characters that leave huge impacts on the viewing. I would of loved to see a grand climax with some of them. However, the episodes themselves are always interesting, and leave you holding on to the very last minute.
This was defiantly an anime I didn’t expect to come across. The general view of this anime has been mixed. Some love it, some hate it, and others are left utterly confused. As for me, I thought this anime was a fun ride. It was a funny, adventure-filled ride that I’m glad I was apart of. If you’re not a fan of sexual humor, I wouldn’t totally recommend it, but you should defiantly give it a shot.


By: Shannon Kasane

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