6 thoughts on “Update 3/11/15”

  1. I will be willing to do a voice or two for you. If you give me a test script by email with description/direction notes, I can send you an audition audio file. (I don’t know anything about toho other than watching 2 of your vids on it, but I will look it up. I have time cuz it’s spring break from school).

    I know I don’t comment much (I never do with any youtubians) but I am trying to catch up and watch the channels here and I really have grown to love Devar and Madhog’s vids as well.

    Tell your Bridgett to check out Golden Nugget for PSone. It is a casino game with a murder mystery plot. She might like it.

      1. Well, I have a somewhat deeper, scratchy voice. Although not as deep as Shannon’s lol. So I probably wouldn’t be good for anyone too young-sounding. I will try to email you a test sample tomorrow or thursday. You don’t have to use me if you don’t like my voices. I won’t get butthurt or anything. 🙂

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