3 thoughts on “Ask Faries 1”

  1. “Who’s on 1st, What’s on 2nd, I don’t know’s on 3rd” is on old joke.
    Anyway, for questions…. When will there be more Fanboy Faries? Have you played the Carpe Fulgar games they have translated? You may like them. Do you like Suikoden and Star Ocean. Did you go to college? What’s you favorite non-anime movie and TV series? And finally, how much wood could a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?

    *Suggestion for a new show* A talk show featuring Ross and Team Yume discussing games, anime, etc live on google hangouts where you can take questions from the audience. Alot of youtubers are doing this now-a-days. I think you guys would be hilarious all together being able to talk about whatever you want.


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