Team Yume’s Dramatis Sermo: “Raggedy Ann and Andy in: The Pumpkin Who Couldn’t Smile”

Andy plays the banjo, Arthur does sick moves, Ann brainwashes the elderly and Les Tremayne is a pumpkin! Uncontrollable laughter ensues as your ghoulish hosts, Madhog and Devar, take you through the perennially charming 1979’s Halloween special starring Satan’s favourite agents of holiday havoc, the Raggedy siblings (and their skating dog)!

Additional notes:

1) For some inexplicable reason, this version of the short film under review was titled “The Pumpkin Who Wouldn’t Smile” hence why it was mistakenly referred as such during the podcast.

2) The actress credited for the role of Aunt Agatha was named Mrs. Hobart Donavan. As it turns out, that was just a pseudonym used by June Foray, the voice of Raggedy Ann.

3) There was a random cat involved in the chase sequence in the middle of the episode. Neither Madhog nor Devar bothered to mention it because it didn’t really add anything to an already perfectly funny moment.

4) That spooky narration at the end comes from this article:

5) You can download the MP3 file for this episode for just 1 dollar on Madhog’s Patreon:

6) Merry Hallo and happy Ween!