MAD Wrestling Reviews: “Summerslam” (2006)

Madhog, Devar and Dantan come face to face with The Enemy! Which is to say, a WWE Pay-Per-View from the late 2000’s… It’s The Biggest Party of The Summer! Specifically, the one where your grieving uncles had a fight over their preferred memory of a dead relative, a drunken stranger wandered in and collapsed on the snacks’ table, your mentally unstable granpa tried to murder the waiter with a barb-wired baseball bat and dad wouldn’t stop making horrible jokes about wieners. For better or for worse, this was a memorable event.

Download the MP3 file here:

The Heretic Podcast #14: “The Calm Between The Storms”

Madhog joins Devar in a week-long vacation in England to work on several secret projects. This session was recorded amidst said projects and provides a few hints on some of the future contents for the channel. The boys casually chat about the new “Ducktales” reboot, Hungarian animation mascots, “Fawlty Towers” and the suchlike.

MAD Wrestling Reviews: “The Great American Bash” (2006)

Loyal Subject JBL and MAGGLE the Socialist welcome you to a “memorable” show full of action, enzymes, doomed gimmicks, enzymes, literal skull bashing, royal proclamations and… ENZYMES! Can The Undertaker (and the audience) survive the first ever Punjabi Prison Match? Can Rey Mysterio defend the World Championship in the tastelessly exploited name of Eddie Guerrero? Will most of tonight’s bouts be changed for seemingly inane reasons? Tune in to find out!