Team Yume Podcast: “Los Illuminados Confirmed!”

WATCH OUT!!! Madhog and Devar team up with Toon Grin’s WhyBoy to analyze and dissect the newest season of “Samurai Jack” and how it compares to the original run. Afterwards, the team veers into a lengthy conversation about “Resident Evil 4” as the cherished memories of gaming past resurface. This episode discusses: the art of visual storytelling, the correct application of the Nemesis dynamic, unexpected references in a 2017 animated series, Adult Swim’s redemption, why “Resident Evil 4” is still a great game and… Goocy!?

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Team Yume Podcast: “Rember Happy Day”

Madhog and Devar desperately try to hang on their happy thoughts before inevitably having to talk about JonTron. This episode discusses: “Kong: Skull Island”, the “Freedom Planet 2” demo and the recent fall of yet another YouTube celebrity.

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Team Yume Podcast: “International Dragon’s Day”

Madhog and Devar, along with special guest Dantan Stormkeeper, tackle a show full of dragons, maids, dragon maids and non-specific office jobs to determine if Anime was indeed a mistake. This episode discusses: “Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid”, “Logan”, current woes in the build up to Wrestlemania 33 and the wabbit hole of the Batman/Elmer Fudd crossover.

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Team Yume Podcast: “Gay Skaters in The Woods”

Shannon re-joins the team, Madhog goes on an existential tirade and Devar is struggling with cucumbers. This episode discusses: “Night in the Woods”, “Life is Strange”, dealing with anxiety, the reason why the Oscars are garbage, “Yuri on Ice!!!”, Batman v. Fudd and so much more!

This discussion was extracted from the most recent episode of the Team Yume Podcast; footage from the game “Night in the Woods” has been added for visual flavour.

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