MAD Wrestling Podcast #3: “Re-Booking Mysterio” (Pt. 1)

Madhog takes it upon himself to retroactively rewrite the entire Rey Mysterio’s 2006 world heavyweight title run in painstaking detail and pedantic pragmatism. Devar listens on in awe and admiration.

A/N: this podcast was supposed to feature a lengthy attempt at fantasy booking by Devar but it was cut out entirely as requested by Devar himself.

The Paper Pit #3.5: “The Amazing World of Shmorky”

Shmorky’s delightfully nihilistic world is full of colourful, zany characters dealing with gender issues, depression and existential crises.

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The Paper Pit #3: “Borestuck”

Is “Homestuck” overrated or just too brilliant for its own good? This episode features: controversial opinions and a lot of cartoon animals.

Table of Contents:

“The GaMERCaT” and “VG Cats” – 4:52
“Husband and Husband” – 11:26
The art of CHartoons – 14:16
“Death by Misadventure” and “Scalie Schoolie” – 18:09
The Problem with “Homestuck” – 30:25

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