Team Yume’s Dramatis Lectio: “Tails” (Ch. 1)

It’s time for Madhog (along with a selected group of guests/victims) to tackle his old masterpiece: an epic re-imagining of the entire “Sonic the Hedgehog” multiverse filled to the brim with awful exposition dumps, heavy-handed themes, awkward romances and jaw-dropping characterizations!
This is “The Tails Saga” and it will make you cry FOR FEAR!

Also starring:
Devar Arcvarron (@DevarArcvarron)
Ross Faries (@ParadiseFaries)
HedonisticActor (
WhyBoy (

MADPlay “Heretic”, Part 12: “My Doom is Amazing!”

In this latest installment: Devar makes his triumphant return from Poland as he and a half-frozen to death Madhog ramble about recently departed celebrities, Mr. Weebl’s Internet legacy, “Star Wars: The Force Goes to Sleep”, infuriating misconceptions about criticism, “Tom and Jerry”, Soviet Russian cartoons and the WhyBoy debacle (not really a debacle).